Sunnata – Zorya


Zorya is surely an album of 2016 already! Sunnata are doing unique things with doom, taking it on a spacious journey through fuzz and psychadelica to sludge and retaining all that is heavy. With a name that translates to ’emptiness’ and 5 songs that all play out around 10 minutes a piece this art by Jeffrey Smith is as intoxicating, hypnotic and gorgeous as the music it fits to. Having produced works for Judd Madden and others he has an impressive gallery to check out.

Jeffrey Smith’s artwork –

listen to Sunnata –



Elder – Lore


Elder and Adrian Dexter have featured on this blog before, but you can’t have too much of a good thing. This is one of my favourite albums of the year and I’m sure I’ll still be saying that in December. Adrian Dexter has done the artwork for Elder’s previous albums, capturing the doom heavy psych perfectly. The vinyl has more artwork inside and it is a treat.

Elder –

Adrian –

Electric Moon / Glowsun – Rays And Reflections

Electric Moon / Glowsun split, aptly titled Rays and Reflections is a beauty of a print. Artwork was done by guitarist Johan Jaccob.


More Electric Moon –

More Glowsun –

More Johan Jaccob –


What is actually going on in this picture I can’t quite tell you. The artwork was drawn by Luke and Kyle Thomas. Kyle is the vocalist/guitarist of Witch and he’s created, with the help of Luke(brother?), an intentionally fuzzy and enticingly scary album cover. Can’t stop looking closer at this one.

I haven’t found any more art, just have some Witch –

Wo Fat – Psychedelonaut

Rad artwork by Jessica M. Beethe.

I had only heard half a song before I bought this record. It does a great job of putting to paper the balance of Wo Fat’s gargantuan riffs and cosmic tripping of songs like ‘Enter The Riffian’, ‘Not Of This Earth’, ‘The Spheres Beyond’ and the title track ‘Psychedelonaut’.


For more of the beast that is Wo Fat –

Jessica M. Beethe –