The Cosmic Dead – Inner Sanctum


I’m a sucker for nature and the universe so this tickles me in all the right places. Glasgow’s The Cosmic Dead fried my brains live a few weeks back and I bought  a rad print of their world tour poster. Their drummer Julien Dicken did this artwork and the poster but Lewis Cook on synths has done covers too. Julien Dicken goes under the moniker Moonshake Design and has a bunch of awesome stuff. The Cosmic Dead live experience is other worldly and the image themes for their discography range from doomy death to psychadelic shamanic adventure. Get on this trip.

The Cosmic Dead –

Julien Dicken –


Sunnata – Zorya


Zorya is surely an album of 2016 already! Sunnata are doing unique things with doom, taking it on a spacious journey through fuzz and psychadelica to sludge and retaining all that is heavy. With a name that translates to ’emptiness’ and 5 songs that all play out around 10 minutes a piece this art by Jeffrey Smith is as intoxicating, hypnotic and gorgeous as the music it fits to. Having produced works for Judd Madden and others he has an impressive gallery to check out.

Jeffrey Smith’s artwork –

listen to Sunnata –


SubRosa – No Help For The Mighty Ones


If you have an interest in heavy music you’ve probably seen posters or covers by Glyn Smyth. Having collaborated with Wolves In The Throne Room, Bacchus, Tombs, Year Of No Light, Tombstones and Zozobra (Savage Masters cover should probably get it’s own post) his style incorporates pagan, occult and ‘magick’ symbolism with bleak imagery. It’s visceral and raw yet well crafted. SubRosa’s experimental sludge doom has been making waves with their violins and female vocals. Intelligently thought out, there’s the obvious knowledge of folklore and history yet both artist and bands output is utterly unique. Glyn also did the art on their newest album, the great ‘More Constant Than The Gods’. This marriage between art and music is harmonious, both haunting and engrossing they deserve your time and you’ll be rewarded.

Glyn Smyth –

SubRosa –

The Flying Eyes – Done So Wrong

The Flying Eyes - Done So Wrong

Incredible album by The Flying Eyes. This artwork struck might be a bit out of place on this blog but I haven’t posted in so long and felt that an introduction to Kiryk Drewinski’s art would be a good start. He’s also done album covers and poster art for a whole bunch of other bands I reckon you’d be interested in.

Go peep Kiryk –

Listen to The Flying Eyes –

Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder

Shrinebuilder - Shrinebuilder

Al Cisneros, Scott Kelly, Dale Crover and Wino got together and created Shrinebuilder and some of the greatest heavy tunes to grace this planet. The massive responsibility of artwork went to Josh Graham and he made this masterpiece.

Shrinebuilder –

Josh Graham –

Beastwars – Beastwars

Beastwars - Beastwars

It’s been a while since I updated on here so I’ll leave you with a cover to get lost in. Beastwars self titled has it all. The atmosphere on here is Incredible. Nick Keller has also done the artwork on their newest album. Heavy heavy crunchy riffs abound.

Listen to Beastwars –

Amaze your eyes –

Stoned Jesus – Seven Thunders Roar

Stoned Jesus - Seven Thunders Roar

Sadly I can find little information about the artist of this sleeve. Stoned Jesus say it is by Yuriy and that he was/is in the bands Nice Wings, Icarus! and Uprising Formalhaut. From this I can deduce that it is Yuriy Nagorniy but I can only find a graphic designer of that name and nothing remotely similar to this piece. Can anyone help? I would love to see more of his work.

Also, the riffs on this album are fantastic.

Listen to Stoned Jesus –