Sunnata – Zorya


Zorya is surely an album of 2016 already! Sunnata are doing unique things with doom, taking it on a spacious journey through fuzz and psychadelica to sludge and retaining all that is heavy. With a name that translates to ’emptiness’ and 5 songs that all play out around 10 minutes a piece this art by Jeffrey Smith is as intoxicating, hypnotic and gorgeous as the music it fits to. Having produced works for Judd Madden and others he has an impressive gallery to check out.

Jeffrey Smith’s artwork –

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Pallbearer – Sorrow And Extinction

Art by Sean Reynolds Williams aka Animetalphysical.

A haunting mix of a shipwreck and white reaper set on a distant astral plane gives a very heavy spacious feel here, the doorway and the escaping light providing us with focus. Much like the sound of Pallbearer.


Hear –

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